Meet the President

JB Garcia


JB Garcia is a journalism junior with a concentration in broadcast. He came to Cal Poly for baseball but sudden knee surgery  kept him from playing so one of his older friends from back home told him to go to the Theta Chi rush BBQ.

And that’s where it all began.

“From there I went to a couple other places but deep down, I knew Theta Chi was my home,” Garcia said. “I felt really comfortable there. I felt like I didn’t have to be fake and try to impress people. And here I am, three years later.”

Garcia said he knew Theta Chi was for him because they remembered his name right away. IFC rush is a “mad rush” on Dexter Lawn so remembering the details of each potential new member is difficult.

“I played sports all my life and it really felt like there was a team aspect and it seemed like they really tried to get to know me on a deeper level than just basic rush stuff,” Garcia said.

Garcia’s favorite part about Theta Chi is knowing that there are 80-90 men he can rely on, get help from, and lean on when he’s feeling down. Those were the most important aspects he was looking for in a fraternity and he’s been reaping all the benefits since.

“Brotherhood is what you get from every other fraternity but I don’t think I’ve felt anything stronger than the brotherhood we have now. That’s something I’m proud to say and I’m proud to be president of Theta Chi,” Garcia said.

He decided to become president after being on the executive board his sophomore year. His roommate at the time was the current president who told Garcia he would take him under his wings and show him the ropes of presidency.

“If I could describe Theta Chi in three words I would say: rowdy, loving and fun,” Garcia said, “We’re kind of goofballs. We are quirky but we will always have each others backs.”